I spent $1000 on MLB the Show 21 and got this..

Troydan spends $1k on his MLB the Show 21 Diamond Dynasty team

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  1. Greg Marsh

    Greg Marsh

    2 tuntia sitten

    It’s crazy luck

  2. Kxi_mason


    12 tuntia sitten

    k k and a third one hahahahahahah

  3. Mary Winfield

    Mary Winfield

    Päivä sitten

    i wish that he could pronounce the names right thought, but the video was good.

  4. Jaxon Degruy

    Jaxon Degruy

    Päivä sitten


  5. Jaxon Degruy

    Jaxon Degruy

    Päivä sitten


  6. 8BSEMT8


    3 päivää sitten


  7. Miguel Riojas

    Miguel Riojas

    3 päivää sitten

    Troydan:r u drunk? Me:Do u realize how much you have been drinking?

  8. Triple Trouble

    Triple Trouble

    4 päivää sitten

    you had 17 K's

  9. Good game Coach

    Good game Coach

    5 päivää sitten

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  10. Good game Coach

    Good game Coach

    6 päivää sitten

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  11. Saim Ali

    Saim Ali

    6 päivää sitten

    Stop the astros hate it was last season

  12. ZyL0GoaT


    7 päivää sitten


  13. Cohen Mansfield

    Cohen Mansfield

    7 päivää sitten

    He pronounces everything so wrong

  14. Ashton Scaggs

    Ashton Scaggs

    8 päivää sitten

    As an MLB the show player this is ridiculous

  15. E3 Kendan

    E3 Kendan

    9 päivää sitten

    How much are headliner packs?

  16. Bryan Fitzhugh

    Bryan Fitzhugh

    9 päivää sitten


  17. CWL


    9 päivää sitten

    People need to stop hating on the Astros

  18. Conner Lance

    Conner Lance

    9 päivää sitten

    I love this team but babe Ruth does not need to be batting lead off move him to 4 hole and put Christian at leadoff

  19. luke 1

    luke 1

    10 päivää sitten


  20. Aquaxツ


    10 päivää sitten

    Am I the only who realized that he had already played a game before the game that he played 🙄😳

  21. Zeke Cervantez

    Zeke Cervantez

    10 päivää sitten

    Keep Hating, They never took the trophy, Plus All teams cheat its just how slick they are with it. Houston Astros STILL 2017 World Champions

  22. Bigbelly Boi

    Bigbelly Boi

    11 päivää sitten

    His luck though

  23. Coltin Butler

    Coltin Butler

    12 päivää sitten

    s coins

  24. Nathan Gursky

    Nathan Gursky

    12 päivää sitten

    Do you intentionally pronounce everybody's name wrong?

  25. Michael Bennett

    Michael Bennett

    12 päivää sitten

    My team is a 90 cause I just grind team affinity, conquest and inning programs I don’t really open packs like Troy does cause I don’t pull shit

  26. Kole76


    12 päivää sitten

    Me an astros fan: WIN other people: WHO WILL EVER TAKE A CHEATER Me:that was so 2017

  27. Chinese Government

    Chinese Government

    12 päivää sitten

    and trout is still the most expensive

  28. Bob Vaillancourt

    Bob Vaillancourt

    13 päivää sitten

    should organise an INTER-FItopR online season in custom league (there is a few posting about MLB 21) im sure we can connect 30 togheter THAT WOULD BE EPIC (each game grant 2 video cause of course both youtuber will record it)

  29. Cooking Parker

    Cooking Parker

    13 päivää sitten

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  30. Eamonn Coonan

    Eamonn Coonan

    13 päivää sitten

    Music at 12:25???

  31. [CSK2] Kaiden13

    [CSK2] Kaiden13

    13 päivää sitten

    17:15 his face????

  32. Fleek Yang

    Fleek Yang

    13 päivää sitten

    Troydan you probably won’t see this but keep up the great work and can you name an mlb team for me

    • Fleek Yang

      Fleek Yang

      13 päivää sitten

      It will mean the world if you could

  33. FumbleKin ✔

    FumbleKin ✔

    13 päivää sitten

    His face on the thumbnail looks like a bicycle seat

  34. Merrick Madden

    Merrick Madden

    13 päivää sitten

    Stone cold steave Austin STUNNER

  35. Austin Lancaster

    Austin Lancaster

    14 päivää sitten

    the grind is pretty annoying in dd rn i mean it seems like a lot of dudes went out and payed to play bc i just run into all diamond stacks 90 percent of the time... im like 10 and 40 rn..



      12 päivää sitten

      Do the missions to get a full diamond team easily

  36. Andrew Blackham

    Andrew Blackham

    14 päivää sitten

    Who else here watches baseball and got kind of triggered when he mispronounced the names.

  37. A-Burd Entertainment

    A-Burd Entertainment

    14 päivää sitten

    Derek jeter was still the best player f off

  38. Paul Draws

    Paul Draws

    14 päivää sitten

    2k: so half of our prophets are from Troy Dan 2k employee: and the other 50 percent 2k: TROYDAN

  39. Radiical


    15 päivää sitten

    *Diamond comes up* him: Thats like trout!! *not mike trout* *Diamond comes up* him: thats not mike trout *Its mike trout*

  40. Phoenix Plays Baseball

    Phoenix Plays Baseball

    15 päivää sitten

    Matt Chapman is very good

  41. Rich Blalock

    Rich Blalock

    15 päivää sitten

    put matt chapman at shortshop i

  42. Carson Broussard

    Carson Broussard

    15 päivää sitten

    I love you Troy but you disrespected my astros

  43. reidy e

    reidy e

    15 päivää sitten

    Packs are so juiced

  44. Carson Smith

    Carson Smith

    15 päivää sitten

    mans shaved his head for luck

  45. Layne Adaro

    Layne Adaro

    16 päivää sitten

    The s coins are actually called stubs

  46. yes meme

    yes meme

    16 päivää sitten

    imagine he pulled a diamond in every pack

  47. jack w

    jack w

    16 päivää sitten

    I called Josh hader!

  48. The disgusting bottle

    The disgusting bottle

    16 päivää sitten

    I like when he says thats not trout and it is

  49. Kealaka'I Seumanutafa Mesa

    Kealaka'I Seumanutafa Mesa

    16 päivää sitten

    You know that rendon is a 3baseman

  50. Aidan Paulik

    Aidan Paulik

    16 päivää sitten

    Make more pls

  51. Vincent Michael Anthony LaStella

    Vincent Michael Anthony LaStella

    16 päivää sitten


  52. Billy Guffey

    Billy Guffey

    16 päivää sitten

    you don't hafto drink it all I feel bad :(

  53. Zach Grace

    Zach Grace

    16 päivää sitten

    Wow screw you buddy lol I’m lucky to even get a a gold in a headliner pack that’s bullshit

  54. Honoco


    17 päivää sitten

    I can easily beat Troydan. That was a lucky pack opening. Also if I beat him, he better not call my Astros cheaters again.

  55. Cameron Lee

    Cameron Lee

    17 päivää sitten


  56. varicey


    17 päivää sitten

    bro what kind of luck i haven’t gotten a dimaond in 200+ packs and haven’t pulled trout in 3 years

  57. Engage


    18 päivää sitten

    Is no one gonna talk about he destroyed there names!

  58. Breezy Beatle

    Breezy Beatle

    18 päivää sitten

    We got jesus

  59. Tyler jarrell

    Tyler jarrell

    18 päivää sitten

    Eggdan 2021

  60. Dead Beat

    Dead Beat

    18 päivää sitten

    I like his butchering of names 😂

  61. TerpNation 1

    TerpNation 1

    18 päivää sitten

    What the hell was that

  62. Itz_Scussy


    18 päivää sitten

    Just more proof that The Show juices packs for streamers

  63. Lee Overshown

    Lee Overshown

    18 päivää sitten

    So I’m guessing he’s playing on next gen? The way you aim your swing is diff. I just got this on current and haven’t touched 2k in a week 😂

  64. James Donnelly

    James Donnelly

    19 päivää sitten

    I love how when he says its not gonna be Mike trout after saying every other diamond would be Mike, he gets Mike on that pack💀

  65. NOX1CK


    19 päivää sitten

    It kinda annoys me when I opened five headliner packs I got only golds and I used stubs I got from playing and then a 2k FItopr just dumbs money and gets a Mike trout and a josh Donaldson I payed 30k stubs for smh

  66. Richard Norene

    Richard Norene

    19 päivää sitten

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  67. TheMindOfRyan


    19 päivää sitten

    15:26 and 17:09 and 18:02 how is that so clean

  68. Nolan Hosack

    Nolan Hosack

    19 päivää sitten

    He literally called Anthony renDON Anothy renden

  69. Teddy Swanson

    Teddy Swanson

    20 päivää sitten

    Your pack lick is so lucky

    • Teddy Swanson

      Teddy Swanson

      20 päivää sitten


  70. firey carrot

    firey carrot

    20 päivää sitten

    Says are you drunk next second scores

  71. Morrtarrz


    21 päivä sitten

    14:06 finish it bro 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  72. Sn1pez


    21 päivä sitten

    5:57 pretty sussy

  73. Raider_14


    21 päivä sitten

    "Anthony Ren-din" -Troydan 2021

  74. Paul Fussell

    Paul Fussell

    21 päivä sitten

    Dude said the golds didn’t matter then Giancarlo Stanton went up to a diomond

  75. Akio Tan

    Akio Tan

    21 päivä sitten

    "Runners on 1st and 2nd" - troydan 2021

  76. Randel Keldie

    Randel Keldie

    21 päivä sitten

    Michel jackson

  77. Billy Hardy

    Billy Hardy

    22 päivää sitten

    He says Rendon wrong

  78. Von McIntyre

    Von McIntyre

    22 päivää sitten

    14:08 I love how he refrained from saying KKK lmao 😂

  79. Nicholas Dimos

    Nicholas Dimos

    22 päivää sitten

    5:57 ayo his hands

  80. Pain_Doggo


    22 päivää sitten

    Mike Fish

    • Pain_Doggo


      22 päivää sitten

      trout is a fish

  81. Jermain Terry

    Jermain Terry

    22 päivää sitten

    15:40 you were drunk

  82. FrankNBeans


    22 päivää sitten

    when did you get jackie robinson

  83. Karole Dixon

    Karole Dixon

    22 päivää sitten

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  84. Blake Lloyd

    Blake Lloyd

    22 päivää sitten

    Bruh when he said S coins I was about to die

  85. Austin Stern

    Austin Stern

    22 päivää sitten

    “Are you drunk” Troy after drinking 12 beers

  86. Kelan Black-Bartmess

    Kelan Black-Bartmess

    23 päivää sitten

    He said KK and thats a 3rd K 14:05

  87. Troy packing?

    Troy packing?

    23 päivää sitten

    hey troy

  88. Trey Woods

    Trey Woods

    23 päivää sitten

    Is it me or did he shave his head

  89. Brennan McNally

    Brennan McNally

    23 päivää sitten

    There is a free 10 packs in the store

  90. Savage Baller101

    Savage Baller101

    23 päivää sitten

    Somehow my team is a better overall without paying any money

  91. louie Green

    louie Green

    23 päivää sitten


  92. Tyrique Evans

    Tyrique Evans

    24 päivää sitten

    Shoulda mentioned Robert Clemente🦍🗣

  93. Solo


    24 päivää sitten

    Oh he'll yeah

  94. Jason Gustafson

    Jason Gustafson

    24 päivää sitten

    When he notices he made a profit with stubs off the cards

  95. Kristian Gallagher II

    Kristian Gallagher II

    24 päivää sitten

    Dude doesent even know how to pronounce the names of the fuckin players...

  96. Darcy Carter

    Darcy Carter

    24 päivää sitten

    Who’s watching after Stanton and Bogarts went up

  97. Sully Canes

    Sully Canes

    24 päivää sitten

    My tummy hurts it’s mike trout

  98. Aidan Yono

    Aidan Yono

    24 päivää sitten

    The one time Troy doesn’t think the Dimond is mike trout he gets him

  99. Matthew Kastner

    Matthew Kastner

    24 päivää sitten

    Put Redon at short stop

  100. Mamba 2k

    Mamba 2k

    25 päivää sitten

    Every diamond he pulls that’s mike trout